Self Rooting

Let me say, first of all, that this is not a twittering on about self rooting plants! Nature is something that is essential to our lives and growth. In this fast paced, moving and electronic world, it is understandably too easy to become lost in the four corners of the buildings and screens that we […]

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A City Of A Thousand Bikes

A beautiful city, full to the brim with wonderful architecture, culture, and a multitude of bikes! It would be irremissible to discuss Cambridge without mentioning the bicycles exuding from every street corner, road and crevice of the city. (My first encounter of this was driving a 4×4 through the hectic streets!). It is a part […]

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Step Away From The Classics

If you’re in need of a change from all the classical architecture and mosaics then heading to the Municipal Gallery in Paphos may be just the ticket (and it’s free too)! Paphos is hosting the European Capital of Culture 2017 festival and is bursting to the seams with events and exhibitions. The temporary exhibition ‘On […]

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Silver’s In Style

The region of Lefkara in Cyprus is renowned for its delicate lace making and silversmithing. The production of silver jewellery was a fascinating process to watch. Made from the ‘lost wax’ method, the silver is moulded into shape and multiple pieces can be done this way at the same time. They look like a tree […]

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Living A Wild Life

In many countries, stray cats run around free of domestic restraint. In Cyprus, it is possible to see many ferile felines doing just that. Some coffee shop owners take a liking to them but others wave them dismissively away. As a tourist and cat lover, discoving two little kittens hanging about a coffee hut by […]

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Local Landscapes

There are many ways to learn about the landscape from an archaeological perspective; field walking being one of them. Surveying the landscape is important when understanding the initial archaeological phases and evidence of habitation. Oral history is another way to learn about regions which may not have so much written about it. Kato Drys in […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard…

A variety of tourism fills the island of Cyprus each year. For some, the historical and cultural significance draws them in, for others, it is the beautiful beaches that wets their appetites. But for one group, Cyprus means a whole different thing; Ayia Napa. The party capital that is a hub of drunken activity at […]

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