Work Hard, Play Hard…


A variety of tourism fills the island of Cyprus each year. For some, the historical and cultural significance draws them in, for others, it is the beautiful beaches that wets their appetites. But for one group, Cyprus means a whole different thing; Ayia Napa. The party capital that is a hub of drunken activity at the very South Eastern most point of Cyprus. Along side the roads of open bars and clubs are also churches, historic monuments and cemeteries; all forgotten in the throbbing music of the night. It is definitely an escape from reality but in the morning, the streets are littered with the half forgotten momoments and memories from the night.

If drinking is not your go to pleasure, then fair rides might thrill you; driving bumper cars near the sea or being hurled up in the air are all things possible in Ayia Napa! Driving quad bikes around the streets is also fun to do…just watch out for the people spilling over the pavements. The music is loud, the heat of the day never seems to calm down, but it is a great place to dance and let your hair down!


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