Living A Wild Life


In many countries, stray cats run around free of domestic restraint. In Cyprus, it is possible to see many ferile felines doing just that. Some coffee shop owners take a liking to them but others wave them dismissively away. As a tourist and cat lover, discoving two little kittens hanging about a coffee hut by the beach was fantastic (especially being told that the owner was looking after them)! Other animals are not so lucky…it can be difficult to see those cats riddled with fleas and infections. It is not just cats that Cyprus has a great many of; lizards crawl the walls and you can catch a quick glimpse of them as they hurry passed you. Don’t forget the noise that can become almost deafening made by the cicadas!

At the right time in the year, birds fill the Cypriot skies as they follow their migration route. Some small birds such as swallows stay a while to take a rest before heading further south. These birds a beautiful site to see but hey face so many challenges along their path. One being the illegal nets set up by people aiming to trap and trade these small birds. This is something that I had not heard of until recently and I am saddened by this thought.

Here is a link to learn more about the illegal bird businesses in Cyprus:

This video may not be to everyone’s taste


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