Extreme Excavating

Excavating an archaeological site can be demanding at the best of times. Lifting large stones and mountains of soil in almost fourty degrees heat is no walk in the park. It’s definitely a challenge. An interesting and exhausting type of work but worth it at the end of the day (or when you find something)! […]

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What’s That Noise!?

If you go anywhere in the countryside in Cyprus, the buzzing noise of the cicadas will follow you everywhere. It is a reminder of the heat and the song of summer which does not stop, even at night. The noise creates a wonderful atmosphere when walking along dusty roads but driving is a different story; […]

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A City Divided

Wounds from history are still very much present in the minds of people in Nicosia. The border control is a physical symbol of the division left from the twentieth century; a painful memory for the older generations of Cyprus. Walking around the streets near the divided sides, it is clear that there is a push […]

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Geology Rocks!

The topography of Cyprus varies dramatically from high mountainous regions to low reservoirs and the sea shore. There are many different types of stone and rock and it is easy to spot the difference between the rounded river pebbles and the more arid geologically formed rocks. the geology of Cyprus is primarily known for limestone; […]

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Beautiful Decline

There is no doubt that Cyprus is a beautiful place; even the degrading buildings have charm. Traveling through the small winding villages, it is possible to see many deserted and derelict buildings. The dry Adobe brick peeping through the cracked white wash and the faded peeling doors have certainly seen better days. However, it is […]

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Let’s Celebrate

The smell of incense is thick in the air and three male voices sing in harmony ¬†through the open doors of the small church and out, rippling over the gold tinted vines in the glow of the setting sun. This is how the small village of Kato Drys celebrates the life of Saint John the […]

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A Bunch of Bricks

  Sun, soil and straw…that’s all you need to make Adobe bricks (not forgetting the water, of course). This type of design has been in use for thousands of years, in regions all over the world. These bricks have many great advantages – they are carbon neutral, sustainable, relatively simple to make and our their […]

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